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Hoopla Hosting provides a single step installer for installing Wordpress on any of our Web Hosting plans.

To install Wordpress you must first login to cPanel (Please see Logging into cPanel)

  • Select WordPress from the Softaculous Apps Installer menu in cPanel

Select Wordpress

  • Click "Install" as circled in red.

Install Wordpress

  • Choose Protocol: Select your protocol. In most cases this will be http://www? 
  • Choose Domain: If you have multiple Domains in your cPanel account then change the domain to suit.
  • In Directory: In most cases you will be installing WordPress to the root directory of your account and not a folder. If you wish WordPress to be installed to the root directory ( then remove "wp" from the Directory. If you leave "wp" default then WordPress will be installed to

Select WordPress protocol

  • Site Name: Change your Site Name to suit however you can change this from the WordPress Admin area later
  • Site Description: Change your Site Description to suit however as above you can change this later.
  • Enable Multisite: This is for reusing the same content in a WordPress installation across multiple domains/websites. The usecase for this is rare so only enable if you are 100% sure you require it.

WordPress install settings

  • Admin Username: Do not use "admin" as it is the first account name that hackers will try and brute force
  • Admin Password: Set a secure password here. Ensure it contains at least a number or special character.
  • Admin Email: Enter your email address. This will be used for password resets and the address that WordPress will use to update you with information about things that have happened on your Blog.? 

WordPress set Username and Password

  • Limit Login Attempts: It is recommended that Loginizer is selected. This will install the plugin Loginizer which helps fight against brute force attacks.

WordPress Install Loginizer

  • Once you have filled out all of the variables scroll down and click Install. You may also enter an email address for all the WordPress login information to be sent too. We recommend doing this.

WordPress Installer Click Install

  • WordPress will begin installing and only take 30-45 seconds.

WordPress Installer Progress

  • WordPress is now installed. If you wish to remove WordPress (Maybe to reinstall?) You can do this from the Softaculous Apps Installer link within cPanel. On the top right click "All Installations" from there you can click the red X on the install you wish to remove.

WordPress has been installed

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