Howto: Install WordPress using Wordpress Toolkit

Learn how to install Wordpress on your Hoopla cPanel account using WordPress Toolkit.

First, lets make sure you have the following:

  • Active Hoopla Hosting account with domain, webhosting services.
  • Ensure your logged into your cPanel. ( How do I login to cPanel? )

Step 1:

Access WordPress Toolkit:

In your cPanel account under the Domains section, click on Wordpress Toolkit.


Step 2:

Start the install of WordPress, by clicking on install. Don't worry, there is more configuration before the install starts.

Step 3:

Configure WordPress installation, simple select your domain, title and logins.

Take note of /wordpress - Remove it to if you do not want wordpress in a folder. E.g 

Click install to begin the install.


Step 4:

Your Wordpress will now be setup, wait for WP Toolkit to process the install then proceed to your new wordpress install at your domain.

If you have any issues during setup feel free to Submit a support query.

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