• Manage domains
  • Launch databases
  • Publish a website

RockMongo Web Hosting

Perfect Environment for RockMongo Hosting

  • RockMongo Compatible
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Easily install RockMongo
  • cPanel control panel
  • 24/7 Support Helpdesk

One click installations!

Softaculous has over 417 great scripts and apps available for you to install, including RockMongo and other dbtools scripts such as phpMyAdmin, Adminer, SIDU, MyWebSQL, phpLiteAdmin, Vty, SQLiteManager and Chive.

Install or manage your favourite website script with the touch of a button.

Web Hosting Pricing from $12.0405 Per Month


Excellent RockMongo Features

RockMongo, a MongoDB administration tool, written in PHP5, is Best in PHP world, more like PHPMyAdmin.

RockMongo 0 RockMongo 1 RockMongo 2
RockMongo 3 RockMongo 4

The Benefits of RockMongo Hosting

  • Runs fast, and easy to install
  • I18N (English, Chinese(English, Chinese, French, Japanese, British, Spanish, German, Russion, Italian)
  • System
    • Multiple hosts, and one host can has multiple administrators
    • Switch among hosts freely
    • Password protection
  • Server
    • Server info (web server, PHP, directives in PHP.ini ...)
    • Status
    • Databases overview
    • Replication status
  • Database
    • Query, create, drop, repair
    • Execute commands and javascript codes
    • Statistics
    • Profiling
    • Users management
    • Data transfer(clone)
    • Export/import
  • Collection
    • Advanced query and explain tool
    • Read, insert, update, duplicate and remove single row
    • Query, create and drop indexes
    • Validate collection
    • Clear all records in collection
    • Remove and change a batch of criteria matched rows
    • Statistics
    • Rename
    • Modify properties (capped, size, max ...)
    • Data transfer(clone)
    • Export/import
  • Field
    • Update/Remove/Clear operations
  • GridFS
    • View chunks
    • Download file

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