Reader Self Web Hosting
Perfect Environment for Reader Self Hosting
Reader Self Import OPML - Responsive desktop, tablet and mobile - Main keyboard shortcuts from Google Reader - Automatic tags - Shared items with public feed
  • Reader Self Compatible
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Easily install Reader Self using our auto installer Softaculous
  • cPanel control panel

Excellent Reader Self Features
Self-hosted rss reader (php/mysql) - Google Reader alternative

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Reader Self 3 Reader Self 4

Some Features
  • Built-in or LDAP authentication
  • Support https (proxy to get http images)
  • Responsive desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Multilingual (English, French and Simplified Chinese available)
  • Add a feed or website url (feed detection)
  • Get feed from Facebook Pages
  • Get medias from Instagram users
  • Import and export OPML
  • Organize subscriptions and list items in folders (optional)
  • List items by subscription
  • List priority items (flag important subscriptions)
  • Automatic tags from item feed categories (optional)
  • List items by tag and tags cloud (optional)
  • List items by author and authors cloud
  • Main keyboard shortcuts from Google Reader
  • Switch Unread only / Read and unread
  • Expand / Collapse items
  • Live unread counter in title bar / tab
  • Get enclosures (image, audio and video)
  • Get video iframes from Dailymotion, Vimeo and Youtube as enclosures
  • Starred items with export (optional)
  • Import starred items from Google Takeout (starred.json)
  • Shared items with public feed (optional)
  • Public profile (optional Gravatar)
  • Multi-users (optional)
  • List members with public profile (optional)
  • Share on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Shaarli, Twitter and Wallabag (optional)
  • Share by email (optional)
  • Search subscriptions and items
  • Global statistics and statistics by subscription and by folder (activity by tag, by folder, by day, by month, by time of day, by day of the week...)
  • Display geolocation with Google Static Maps (and distance from current user position)
  • List Feedly essentials
  • Custom text direction by subscription (left to right / right to left)
  • Full content from Readability
  • Send article to Evernote (retrieve content with Readability if enabled, cleanup html and create a note)