How to manually install cPanel DNSOnly Print

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Ensure you have a fresh install of CentOS before starting.

  1. Connect to your VPS using SSH (Putty, SecureCRT, Tera Term etc..)
  2. Ensure that perl is installed. "yum install perl"
  3. Enter "cd /home" to move to the home directory
  4. Enter "wget -N" to download the cPanel installation script
  5. Enter "sh latest-dnsonly" This will start the installation.
The installation will take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. 

Do not close your SSH session. If your connection drops out often or you need to leave soon after starting the installation use screen so the installation runs in the background.

  1. Enter "yum install screen"
  2. Enter "screen"
  3. Start installation of cPanel as above
  4. If your session drops out enter "screen -ls" give will give you screen process ID.
  5. Enter "screen -r 19501.pts-1.server" 19501.pts-1.server was my screen process ID. This will reattach you to your lost session.

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