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Screen allows you to attach and de-attach yourself from SSH sessions.

  1. Install screen using "yum install screen" CentOS and Redhat or "apt-get install screen" for Debian or Ubuntu distributions.
  2. To start a session just type "screen" from an SSH or Console session.
  3. To deattach from a session either close the SSH client or press Ctrl-A follwed by D
  4. To return to your screen session open another SSH or console session and enter "screen -ls" or "screen -list". This will give you the screen process ID.

The output should look much like this.

Start screen
user@server:~$ screen

CTRL-A then D to deattach.

Find screen process ID
user@server:~$ screen -list
There is a screen on:
        19501.pts-1.server      (01/13/2013 02:40:56 PM)        (Detached)

Reattach to screen session
user@server:~$ screen -r 19501.pts-1.server

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