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Installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for wordpress is easy and straight forward. 

Litespeed cache collects a version of your website to quickly serve to web visitors.

All Hoopla Hosting hosting includes LiteSpeed cache support.

Benefits of installing WordPress Litespeed:

  • Increase page load speed ( Faster loading web pages )
  • Decrease resource usage

Wordpress Plugin Page

How to install LiteSpeed Wordpress Plugin:

  • Login to your Wordpress wp-admin dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins -> Add new
  • Search for " Litespeed cache "
  • Click Install, Once installed - Click activate.

Configuring LiteSpeed Cache Wordpress plugin:

LiteSpeed has up to date information on configuring LiteSpeed appropriately - Configuring LiteSpeed Wordpress plugin

If you're running an online shop using Woocommerce we highly recommend checking out the WooCommerce cache section.

LiteSpeed cache may need to be disabled for logged in users depending on your shop functions. Seek assistance from your web developer.



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