COVID-19 - Operating As Per Normal

We would like to advise all of our customers that we are still operating as per normal amid the COVID-19 situation, our support desk will remain 24/7. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require support. With more people working from home we would like to remind you webmail can easily be accessed by ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020
Hoopla Hosting joins the AKL-IX Peering Exchange

You may not be aware but, we run all our own network and infrastructure and have just increased capacity by another 10 Gbps by joining the AKL-IX Peering Exchange. AKL-IX boasts an impressive number of ISPs and content providers to facilitate over 100 Gbps of throughput on a daily basis. While we already have multiple 10 Gbps uplinks this ... Read More »

3rd Mar 2020