From 1pm, 30 September 2014, â??second levelâ?? domains like the .co in â??.co.nzâ?? and the .org in â??.org.nzâ?? will become optional. Youâ??ll be able to get .nz names with them, without them, or both.

This means you could register with them, without them, or both. As an example, you could get '' as well as'. Registering one of these new, shorter .nz domain names is called registering directly at the second level'.

What this means for you

If you have a .nz domain name, youâ??re an existing registrant. Itâ??s important to know that, depending on when you registered your name, you may be eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of your .nz domain name before it becomes available to anyone else.

To find out if youâ??re eligible, check the status of your domain name at

What your status means?

  • Will be Available - From 1pm, 30 September 2014 you'll be able to register this domain name. First in first served!

  • Will be PRR (Preferential Registration or Reservation) - From 1pm, 30 September 2014 this domain name will be able to be registered or reserved by the registrant of the name with rights. You have up to two years to claim your domain.

  • Will be Conflicted - This means itâ??s been registered in at least two second levels â??? e.g. you hold and others hold and

What happens now?

  • Registration and Reservation of .NZ domains will be available From 1pm, 30 September 2014. New .NZ registration can be completed from our website All .NZ domains remain at our standard price of $21.50+GST

  • If you currently are the registrant of an existing XX.NZ domain and would like the shorter .NZ version and there are no conflicts please email with the domain names you wish to register on the 30 September 2014. You will be invoiced $21.50+GST per .NZ domain registered.

  • Domains are first in first served so please ensure your account has available funds if you wish to pay by Internet Banking. You may credit your account here.

More information

Detailed information of the .NZ process is available on or you can contact us via our normal means

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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